Sunday, July 22, 2007 Leaving London for Edinburgh

The bus trip from London to Edinburgh was long, but not too tiring because we had a really nice coach to ride in. It was interesting to see the scenery change as we headed further and further north. We got to see Antony Gormley's gigantic sculpture, "The Angel of the North", and he related to us the fact that the statue was accidentally turned in the wrong direction when it was erected.

Our driver pulled off the motorway when we got to the Scottish border and allowed us take a few minutes to get photos there. We continued north and could eventually see the ocean off to the right of the bus, and mountains off to the left. When we arrived in Edinburgh that evening, we were taken to Pollack Hall where we would be staying for several days. The dorm rooms were modern, spacious, and clean, but we did not have private bathrooms as we had done in London. The view from my window showed the huge outcropping nearby that was called Seat of Arthur, which is a very popular climbing destination.

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