Thursday, July 24 Minibreak Begins With Sidetrip to Dublin

Libby, Edie, Nancy and I left Mary at Pollack Hall in Edinburgh and headed to the airport bright and early on Thursday morning to catch a RyanAir flight to Dublin. Libby and I checked into a hotel near the airport and then we all took a whirlwind tour of Dublin. One of the first landmarks that we spotted was the Millennium Spire or Dublin Spire, renamed "The Spike" by locals. It was rather awe-inspiring, especially up close. To read more about the spire, visit :

After a quick lunch in a Dublin pub, we found a hop-on, hop-off bus tour that would take us past popular tourist spots in Dublin, including Guinness Warehouse (we did not stop), the National Library and the National Museum, Trinity College, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Patrick's Cathedral, the National Gallery, and the Museum of Modern Art, among others. Unfortunately, we were pressed for time and too worn out at that point to actually get off the bus and visit the sites. I have to confess that I (among others) fell asleep on the tour and missed one or two of the landmarks. Actually, we would have needed several days in Dublin to see everything, but at least we did get a brief overview. Perhaps Dublin could be another London Away site visit for future British Studies/British Libraries and Archives classes.

In the late afternoon, Libby and I parted ways with Edie and Nancy and struck off on our own. We passed a movie theatre where Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was showing and decided that seeing the movie in Dublin would be a fun way to remember our short visit there. Due to our exhausted state, there was a real danger that we might fall asleep once the lights dimmed, but we decided to take a chance. After Libby and I went inside, bought our tickets, and headed toward the entrance to the theatre where our movie was showing, Libby stopped me and pointed toward a poster for an upcoming movie feature. I was thrilled to see a movie poster for The Dark is Rising! I had already researched the movie, and knew that it departed quite a bit from Susan Cooper's original stories, but it was rather exciting to see the poster there in the theatre. For the movie trailer, visit
We made an early evening of it and headed back to our hotel via bus. The highlight (for me) of the hotel was a very clean, spacious bathroom with a large elegant shower! In the wee hours of the morning of July 25, I took a taxi back to the airport and headed for Wales via Manchester, England, leaving Libby in Dublin to start her mini break plans. I cannot describe the excitement that I felt about beginning the next part of my adventure.

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