Sunday, July 27, 2007 Hiking up to Tal y Llyn Lake and back

I took the Sunday morning Tal y Llyn steam train as far north as Abergynolwyn and then started my hike up to Tal y Llyn Lake, which features prominently in Susan Cooper's Grey King. The hike was fairly long and the weather was the warmest that I had experienced while in Wales, but altogether, it was a beautiful day and a terrific hike. Tal y Llyn is considered to be the loveliest lake in Wales, and I would have to agree, and the mountains leading up to and around it are breathtaking as well. I had so many good shots of the lake that it was hard to pick just a couple to show here. The photo to the left is looking off toward Cadir Idris, which is also very significant in The Gray King.

Once I made it to the lake, I had to get back to Abergynolwyn by 2:15 so I could catch the Tal y Llyn Railway back down to Dolgoch Falls, so I headed back after getting all of the photos that I wanted. On the way up, there had been several places where I had to walk right on the road, with no place to get out of the way of cars. On the way back down to Abergynolwyn, I planned on looking for some sort of shortcut that would take me off the worst stretches of the road.

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