July 18 Windsor, Dorney, and Eaton

Libby Grimm and I decided to take a train out to Windsor in order to tour the castle and to give me the opportunity to visit the area where Susan Cooper was raised. She used Slough, Windsor, and Maidenhead as part of the setting for The Dark is Rising and Silver on the Tree.

She also took Dorney, the village where she was raised and turned it into the fictional village where Will Stanton and his family live in both books. In an interview, Susan Cooper mentions being able to see Windsor Castle from her bedroom window. It was thrilling to be walking through a field of wheat stubble, to turn around and get the magnificent view of the castle from that perspective. Breathtaking!

The small church of St. James the Less plays a significant role in the story of the Walker in The Dark is Rising. Will finds the old man in an alleyway outside the church almost frozen to death right after a fierce battle with the dark.

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